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Thank You, Game Makers!

Early Childhood Education Thanks Game Makers

By Rhoda Redleaf

The Robbinsdale Parent Educators expressed profuse thanks to our gamemakers for the over 200 copies we made for them of a Bedtime Routine game they had designed and requested to use with parents during their home visits this fall.  

Beverly London and her designer tweaked it to make it more easily workable for our gamemakers and we completed the project during the summer.  We added a pencil and crayon to the kit as some children do not have writing instruments.

The game is now being given to families during the home visits and everyone seems to love it: the parent educators, the parents, and, most importantly, the children.  We hope it helps everyone develop all those important bedtime routines.  

Game Making meets the 2nd Monday of the month at the New Hope Learning Center.  Come join the fun!

Questions? Call Rhoda, 651-9005-9606.