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B'YaChad Project - St. Paul

By Rhoda Redleaf

Our BOND B’YaChad Project with Jewish Family Service of St. Paul distributed over 130 beautiful gift packages to clients of JFS over the holidays. 

Very special thanks to Elaine Alper, who has kept us supplied with beautiful packaging materials and taught us all in the art of bow making and artistic design in gift wrapping.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with donating wrapping, shopping and all the main details of this greatly appreciated BOND project in St. Paul.  We have received many glowing thank you notes and comments from clients and case workers alike, as well JFS Board members and Ted Flaum, Executive Director.  Volunteers are always welcome to join us.

Rhoda Redleaf has designed and managed many of BOND's community service, education, fundraising and scholarship news as well as held organizational leadership since BOND was established as an independent nonprofit 10 years ago and earlier when BOND work was integrated with Brandeis University.