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BOND Early Childhood volunteers Doe Schlaifer, Sharon Traub, Maraline Slovut, Judy Serrell, Bev London and Rhoda Redleaf

Pictured above are BOND volunteers displaying the educational games they have been making for use in our three pre-school classrooms in Robbinsdale.

The group meets at 12:30 PM on the 2nd Monday of the month at the New Hope Learning Center and has a great time chatting and socializing while cutting out matching pieces for a large variety of games and attaching Velcro dots to the game boards and pieces. This enables the children to show off their success in completing the challenges the games present: matching shapes, colors, numbers, letters, pictures, etc.

These games are used in the classrooms and arealso given to the children for use at home. The games will also be used in assembling story kits, which will include a related book and toy and will be added to the resource libraries at both sites, where they can be borrowed by families enrolled in the programs The kits will be developed later this spring in response to teacher requests for specific books or topics for the kits.

The BOND Early Childhood Fund is used for all the supplies and expenses related to the games and the kits we will be developing.

The children and teachers seem to love using the games and we have really been pleased at the positive reactions and learning the games inspire. Volunteers are always welcome to join our group.

We will be planning a few sessions on a different day for those who can't come on Mondays. No orientation is required for this aspect of our project. Volunteers are also still welcome to join in the classroom programs, but will need to attend an orientation.

For more information or to volunteer contact Arlene Dockman or send e-mail to

BOND volunteer Rhoda Redleaf provided this report. The photograph is by Millie Segal, BOND Vice President for Philanthropy and Community Service.