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BOND was fortunate to host an Evening with Sam and Sylvia Kaplan. The Wine, Cheese and Dessert event was a great success and a contribution was made to BOND’s scholarship fund in the Kaplan’s name.



Sam and Sylvia Kaplan


The Kaplan’s spent three and a half years in Morocco after Sam was appointed Ambassador by President Obama. Sam noted that his view of Minnesota and the United States was quite different upon his return than it had been when he first left.


Morocco is a monarchy, and although there are appointments to various government positions, the king is the supreme ruler and is highly respected and beloved by his people. Other facts related to us by the Kaplans were that there are several synagogues and a community of about 4,000 Jews living there peacefully. They also pointed out that there are no guns in Morocco.



Much thanks to all those who helped make this evening so successful—Eva Broude, Susan Goldman, Sheila Goldstein, Beverly London, Lenore Miller, Donna Robbins, and Maraline Slovut. Also, thank you to Dale Krishef for encouraging me to invite both of the Kaplans for a program and, of course, thanks to Carole Bender-Resnick for her emails reminding our membership about the program and to all those who called their friends and encouraged them to attend.


This article was written by Judy Serrell, BOND's President-Elect.