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Our newest client from JDAC is 46, divorced, with two children. She will be attending a mini MBA program in small business administration at the University of St. Thomas, starting in the Fall, of 2012, and graduating Spring, 2013.


In her previous academic studies she maintained a GPA of 3.6. Her goal is to run an independent housekeeping service. She has been self-employed as a housekeeper for 6 years, growing the business from zero to 14 clients.


She is a survivor of domestic abuse and is a participant in the JFCS (Jewish Family and Children's Service), “Beyond Safety” program. She volunteers for Hopkins junior and senior high theater programs, Golden Valley Hu- mane Society, and at “Feed My Starving Children”.


BOND has given her a grant of $2995, which covers her deficit for tuition, books and supplies, and we wish her lots of "Good Luck."


This article was written by BOND Board Member, Arlene Dockman.