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Once again, the BOND Scholarship Fund has helped qualified students who are engaged in undergraduate and graduate study through the auspices of the Jewish Family and Children’s Service (JFCS). On June 19, members of the Scholarship Committee met with social worker Leah Temkin, who had chosen seven students from applicants to the JFCS.


For the fourth year in a row, we were able to fund all Leah’s requests for these qualified applicants. Our scholarships supplement additional private and government grants and loans. Total funding for this program in 2012-13 amounted to a little more than $10,000.


The identity of these students is known only to Leah. The recipients vary in age, background and educational aims. Several are immigrants. Two are young undergraduates from families of limited means. Several are mature adults seeking career change or advancement, in some cases after struggles with difficult family situations, or while caring for children with disabilities. Many have a history of volunteer and community work.


Their educational aims are varied. One woman seeks to become a Jewish spiritual director, much needed in the Orthodox community. Another hopes to complete pre- medical studies and become a physician, despite dealing with poverty and a disabled child. Another, the first in her family of origin, to graduate from high school, is training to be a qualified chef. As, we on the Scholarship committee reviewed the information for each candidate, we were filled with admiration for the difficulties overcome and the challenges faced by these people.


Leah Temkin also monitors the scholarship recipients to ensure that they stick with their educational program. She stated that none of the JFCS scholarship recipients have dropped out or misused the funds.


We can be proud that the funds we raise while learning and having fun, are used to help needy students in our community.


Profiles of some of these brave and interesting people will continue to appear in the Scholarship News section of this website.  


This article was written by Judy Sherman, BOND's Minneapolis Scholarship Chair. It first appeared in Compass, BOND's seasonal newsletter.