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Branching out in New Directions (BOND) recognized that there was a great need to help young children prepare for kindergarten. In 2011 the BOND Board voted to support an Early Childhood Education Program where our BOND members volunteer of their time in the classroom.

Millie Segal

The children in this Early Childhood Program come from homes where English is not basically the primary language spoken. Without this extra boost, these four year olds would not be in a position to flourish when they enter kindergarten.

BOND members are currently volunteering weekly in three different classrooms in the Robbinsdale School District. We are also making games to be used in these classrooms. These games are then sent home to enhance the skills that they promote, such as colors, letters, shapes and names of objects. Through this early intervention, these four year olds now have a better chance for success as adults.

The women of BOND who have volunteered have found this to be a rewarding experience and amarvelous community service. We are doing what community service is about -- helping others, both children and adults.BOND is helping to close the achievement gap between whiteaffluent students and lower income students from different backgrounds and different countries.

Our community service does not end in the classroom, as this yearover 70 BOND women have volunteered for our Hag Sameach Program, which was established to help children and families in need around Hanukkah and Passover time. This Minneapolis program, sponsored through Jewish Family and Children's Service, reaches out to children, seniors, adults with developmental disabilities or chronic mental health issues or thosewho often feel isolated and lonely during holiday times.

Our Volunteer time also serves the BOND B'Yachad Committee of Saint Paul which makes Holiday Gift Baskets for those in need. We currently have 12 BOND volunteers working on this project.

All of these women are giving unselfishly of their time and are asking for nothing in return. To all of our wonderful BOND Community Volunteers, we give a huge THANK YOU!!!

I am so proud of BOND for what we are giving back to our Minneapolis and Saint Paul communities through these marvelous services.

If you are interested in adding your name to our "angel" Community Service Volunteer List, please contact:    

Early Childhood Education Program: Arlene Dockman    

Hag Sameach Program: Nancy Garber and Doe Schlaifer 

B'Yahad Program: Rhoda Redleaf        

Thank you.

Millie Segal, BOND Vice President ofCommunity Service/Philanthropy, wrote this article.  You may reach her at