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Dollars Wrapped in Love 2015-2016

By Sheila Goldstein, Vice President 
of Philanthropy and Community Service

WOW! Am I impressed! Your giving has made a huge difference to so many. Knowing that giving is as beneficial to the donor as to the recipi- ent, you will be very happy when you read this: For families that need financial help to send a child to summer camp, your board voted to give $1,000 to the Federations Camp Scholarship Fund.

The Hag Sameach Program needed financial help in giving Chanukah gifts to JFCS recipients. We all continue to support this community service and our board chose to send them $300. Twenty BOND mem- bers worked on the St. Paul B’YaChad project. They purchased, wrapped, and delivered over 200 gift packages to 180 JFS households.

With our continuing support of the St. Paul JFS Scholarship Fund we sent $8,500 to their program to help provide the opportunities for individuals to return to the workforce.

Our Governor stated that our food shelves need financial and food do- nations and we agreed. We collected 106 lbs of food for the Prism food shelf at our Chanukah event and elected to send $200 each to Prism and Step.

We gave a donation of $12,500 to BOND’s Scholarship fund for the individuals who need financial help to finish their education.

The BOND Early Childhood Education Committee has a fund raised on their own to pay for materials used to make learning games for pre- school classrooms in the Robbinsdale Area School District. We have provided volunteers to work in the classrooms to help the children work with those games and other activities. New volunteers are always welcome. We gave an ECE Scholarship to Robbinsdale Area School District for a student to attend ECE.

We wish to thank all who chaired, worked on a committee or partici- pated in any of our events. It is you who made our success possible. Together we can feel the joy and satisfaction of our investments and with whole heart, continue our mission.