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By Millie Segal, Co-Vice President

Carole Bender-Resnick was my BOND Co-Vice President of Fund Raising for this year and it was a spectacular year for our organization.

Our fund raising efforts allowed us to donate more than $20,000 to our philanthropic endeavors. Joanne Savitt and I were co-chairs of Lunch with Embellishment that cleared more than $1,000.

Renee Kurnow, Renee Gainsley and Nancy Garber headed up the May BOND Garage Sale that cleared more than $1,600.

Linda Gilfix and Beverly London headed Summer Parties and they brought in more than $1,500. Gerry Feldman sent out BOND donation cards that brought in more than $1,800. Carolyn Kaufmann directed the sale of Dining Cards that brought us a profit of $4,000.

Yes, there is a reason for donating your old silver items. Thanks to Nancy Garber, the sale of these items brought in more than $1,200 for BOND.

The Chanukah Luncheon and Raffle Ticket Sales brought in more than $330. Thank you to all who participated.

Ursula Margolis made BOND a profit of $168 from the Entertainment Book sales.

Nettie Nabedrick chaired our Book Author Events. She and her committee this year showed a profit of over $11,000. Amazing!! The Book Author Ad Book alone brought in $1,750 thanks to the hard work of Maraline Slovut and her wonderful committee.

I can't wait to see what 2015 brings our way. To all of you, a simple thanks does not seem enough, but you should take pride in knowing that what you accomplished made our scholarship giving soar this past year. You have made this an easy wonderful Co-Vice Presidency for Carole and myself. Way to Go Ladies! Keep up the good work.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped in all of these efforts.