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How Members Connect

Part of the mission of Branching Out in New Directions is to arrange for social interaction among members.  
Three meetings of the full membership anchor the annual calendar -- a Fall Brunch, a Chanukah Celebration and a Spring Annual Meeting.  We also have an annual summer fundraiser, Book Authors, consisting of dinner and an author speaker and three authors presenting the following morning.  A luncheon concludes the event.
These are festive occasions in prime locations such as Twin Cities area country clubs.  Members gather around large tables to hear featured speakers, socialize and partake in excellent cuisine.  
BOND members organize smaller gatherings that are primarily social in nature:  

  • A Lunch Bunch gathers on the fourth Wednesday of each month to enjoy lunch at different restaurants.  Voluntary contributions are collected from each participating member.
  • Dinner Winners is the name of a similar gathering that meets on the second Wednesday evening of each month.  Voluntary contributions are collected from each participant.
  • On the first Tuesday each month, a Play Bridge group gets together for dessert at noon and play at 1:00pm.  Voluntary contributions are collected from each participant.  

Members treasure the lasting friendships these gatherings foster.
Charitable funds collected at BOND social gatherings are contributions to BOND's Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance for qualified people in the Twin Cities area in need of funding for academic or professional advancement programs.
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