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Over thirty people were in attendance at BOND's Adventures in Learning session to hear Rabbi Sim Glaser speak at his synagogue, Temple Israel, on a warm sunny February afternoon in Minneapolis. The warmth was only exceeded by the rabbi's humorous and informative talk on "Jewish Humor." 

Maureen Fine, Rabbi Sim Glaser, Saralee Mogilner
What would a talk on this subject be without some spicy Jewish jokes?  And they were in abundance, as the rabbi may have missed his "calling."

Some highlights of his talk:

  • Jewish jokes are used as a defense against anti-semitism.
  • Laugh through your tears.
  • Humor is a gift from G-d.
  • Jews are like everyone else, but even more so.
  • Bugs Bunny is Jewish

Rabbi Glaser ended the afternoon with this delightful joke:

Two women are in the synagogue as the rabbi is giving his sermon.  One falls asleep.  When she awakes she asks her companion, "Has the rabbi finished his sermon?"  "Yes," replied her companion, "but he is still speaking!"