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President's Message Fall 2017

By Carolyn Latz

As this is my first letter to you, our devoted members, I can only begin with WOW!!!!

What an incredible 10 year journey this has been.  I am honored to serve as your President and looking forward to working with the new board and continuing in the success of our last ten years. We have branched out in new directions and grown.

Since I took office in May, our organization has had many fun and educational summer fund raising parties and raised a lot of money for scholarships. I want to thank all of the generous hostesses for giving of their time to put on the many varied events. Again, thank you.

Lunch with Embellishments was a success, and Rabbi Norman Cohen gave an interesting slide show of his trip to the Baltic Sea area.

The Book Author event was a huge success.  Thank you to all the committees that made it happen and our authors who donated their time to join us.

In June, BOND awarded nine scholarships for a total of $15,750. I am so proud to be an integral part of a group that can accomplish this.

Our goals include variations of familiar programs, as well as ideas for new opportunities to enhance fund raising, educational activities and a community spirit as we continue to be a vital part of our community.