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BOND's mission statement calls for education and philanthropy. What better way to carry out our mission than to provide scholarships for students! On June 20, 2013 the BOND Scholarship Committee met with Leah Temkin of the Minneapolis Federation for Jewish Service, who noted that there were fewer applicants this year, but that their individual needs were greater and financial packages offered by colleges and universities seem to be smaller. At JFCS there are some funds for students in particular fields, e.g. medicine or religious studies, but not many general purpose scholarships. BOND's funds are the “last dollar” source available to meet financial needs.

Helping to support BOND's philanthropic programs by attending a summer fund raising party at the home of Sheila Goldstein are Judy Sherman, Chair of Scholarship Committee, and Arlene Davis.

The committee reviews a tentative budget provided by each student, and the amount granted is based on overall need. Our “ideal candidate” need not be Jewish and preferably is a woman returning for higher education after years of working. The applicants are “amazingly motivated,” often working at several jobs, taking care of children and dealing with challenging family situations. We voted unanimously to fund all six students recommended. Three were women. The total amount awarded was $10,426.

One is an Ethiopian immigrant with a special needs child, who is close to earning her undergraduate degree. Another, a survivor of domestic violence, is entering nurse’s training after doing much volunteer work. A third woman is training as a social worker specializing in helping military families. Three other young applicants are in various stages of undergraduate education. All are strong students who have shown commitment to volunteer work in their communities.

This is an opportunity to help deserving students and make a difference in the community.

BOND member Judy Sherman wrote this article. The photo was contributed by Millie Segal.