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In a letter from Jehuda Reinharz, President of Brandeis University, dated January 6, 2009, he informed us that the first student to benefit from the Twin Cities Endowed Scholarship at Brandeis University was Ariel Stein. Ariel graduated from Hopkins High School and was a member of the National Honor Society. Reinharz reports that she has continued to earn impressive grades and takes advantage of the rich campus life at Brandeis.
Ariel’s thank you letter for the scholarship received from our Twin Cities Endowed Scholarship is as follows:

To the Committee:
I am writing you to thank you for generously awarding me the BNC Twin Cities Endowed Scholarship. As a Minnesotan I never dreamed of attending a school like Brandeis, as my parents and I had always discussed my going to a nearby university like the U of M or the University of Wisconsin/Madison. However, once I was introduced to Brandeis, I became captivated by its beautiful campus, excellent reputation and overwhelming achievements and I fell in love with its tightnit community and its fantastic courses and learning opportunities. After visiting the campus I decided that I needed to become a Brandeisian. The only barrier to my goal, once I was committed was financing my education, as I only had enough money in my college fund to pay for 2 years at Brandeis. I then decided I would take out loans to support the remainder of my years here.
Receiving the BNC Twin Cities Endowment Scholarship was therefore truly a miracle, as it has allowed me to continue and enjoy and excel at my education at Brandeis without accumulating such a significant amount of debt.
Because of the BNC Twin Cities Endowed Scholarship I have been able to continue working toward my major in Health Science Society and Policy where I enjoy taking classes on American Health Care, Ethics as well as anthropology. I have also been able to become the volunteer coordinator of the pre health society, as well as one of nine Brandeis students chosen to plan and participate on the Ethiopian Medical Trip, which will allow me to travel to Ethiopia to build a clinic in a rural village.
Besides volunteering I also enjoy participating in Brandeis women ultimate frisbee team, being a member of Peers Educating Responsible Choices and working in a biology lab.
Overall, your scholarship has allowed me to truly enjoy and take advantage of my Brandeis experience and I will never be able to thank you enough.
Thank you,
Ariel Stein, class of ‘11