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Where Does Our Money Go?

By Millie Segal, VP-Philanthropy/Community Service

We pay our dues. We attend with enthusiasm fund raising events and we generously pay to go to programs. Where does this money go?

Our major contribution goes to the BOND Scholarship Fund (using recommendations from Minneapolis Jewish Family and Children's Service). Those recom- mendations have been carefully screened by JFCS and the BOND Scholarship Committee determines final awards.

Our 2013 Scholarship Donations came to $10,400.

In addition, $6,000 was allocated to a BOND Fund at the Jewish Family Service of Saint Paul. This money will be distributed from a designated BOND Scholarship Fund to people needing training to upgrade their skills where there are not many scholarship funds available.

One of the scholarship recipients will be training at Saint Thomas in the field of fund raising. Another, an immigrant man, was immediately hired into a well paying job after successfully completing his training.A single mother, using these funds to com- plete her accounting credentials, quickly obtained an excellent job with great benefits. Dozens of women have finished training and become home health aids and nursing assistants.

In addition Board approval went to:

The Networking support for professionals in Job Tran- sition-also run by JFS of St. Paul, received $350. Both of these programs are a part of the Employment Services Department at JFS.

The St. Louis Park STEP Program and the Saint Paul Second Harvest each received $150 to provide food during the holiday season.

BOND donated $50 during our visit to the Minneapolis Photography Center’s Non-Profit Foundation. This money will be used to provide photo classes for students who otherwise could not attend.

The BOND Early Childhood Education Committee has its own donated funds, and this year gave approximately $1,500 for materials used to make the educational games for the preschool classrooms in the Robbinsdale Area School District.  So far, BOND members have made and distributed over 900 games.We have also made 14 story kits that have been donated to the Teachers Resource Center.

We completed this year by donating $300 to the emer- gency fund of the JFCS Hag Sameach Passover Program.

You must be so very proud to be part of an organization with the values of Tzdakah, this year reaching the Grand Total of $18,900!

Your membership, your participation, YOU made this happen.

Thank You.

Source:  Spring 2014 Compass